Research safety

Lab safety

Review lab safety information related to PPE, the lab hazard inventory, signage, inspections, hazardous waste and more.

Lab safety training

Register for various lab safety training sessions including Safety essentials, Lab safety, Biosafety, Radiation safety and more.


Familiarize yourself with the biosafety compliance requirements, program manuals, permits, equipment and more.

Chemical safety

Find information related to chemical safety compliance requirements, equipment, procedures and more. 

Radiation safety

Familiarize yourself with radiation safety compliance requirements, program manuals, permits, equipment and more.

Laser safety

Review laser safety requirements, manuals, equipment and more to ensure the safe and effective control of laser hazards.

Magnet safety

Find information about magnet safety, requirements, equipment and procedures.

X-ray safety

Learn about X-ray safety requirements, review program manuals, procedures, and more to ensure safe use of XEDs.

Field safety

Going into the field for research or field school? Make a plan for field safety before you go.

Diving safety

Participating in diving or snorkeling? Start here.

Safeguarding your research

Learn about how Government of Canada partners are raising awareness of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear security in scientific research and development.

Other research

Learn about safety measures to do with electrical and medical devices and cannabis research.