Working alone or in isolation 

Working alone or in isolation means to work in circumstances where assistance would not be readily available to the employee in case of an emergency or in case the employee is injured or in ill health.  Certain SFU work activities may be required to be completed alone or in isolation and precuations must be taken to ensure the safety and health of the employee.

See University Policy GP 39 Working Alone or in Isolation and it's appendices for responsbilities of upper level managers (Deans/Directors/Chairs), supervisors, the EHS department, and all employees; policy definitions; and risk assessment procedures.

Lone Worker Program

For after-hours on campus check-in, supervisors can initiate Campus Public Safety's Lone Worker Program to use CPS as a designate. The Lone Worker Program requires the lone worker to check-in and will send patrol to the space if check-in is missed.

The Lone Worker Program is available to all staff at all campuses.

How to Initiate the Lone Worker Program at the Burnaby Campus:

  1. Call 778.782.7991
  2. Provide details from the department's site-specific protocol and the following information:
    • Lone worker details
      • Contact info (name, SFU id, contact number)
      • Work activity information (task, location, duration)
      • Frequency of check-in
      • Any additional personal details (i.e. health concerns)
    • Supervisor contact info
    • Emergency procedures if check-in is missed
    • Any specific dept procedures/requirements