Smoking on campus

SFU is dedicated to promoting healthy campuses. The health risks associated with smoking and secondhand smoke are well-documented.

Smoking on campus is regulated by the following SFU policy: GP 16: The control of smoking and other tobacco and cannabis use on campus.

Tobacco & cannabis use

  • Burnaby campus - Smoking and other tobacco and cannabis use is now restricted to University Designated Outdoor Smoking Areas (DOSA), which can be found on the SFU DOSA map above. Separate DOSAs exist for tobacco and cannabis smoking. This policy replaces the previous allowance of tobacco smoking 10 meters away from any building or air intake. Please see the DOSA map.
  • Vancouver & Surrey campus - These campuses are located in urban centres and smoking is dictated by municipal regulations.
  • Compliance – Compliance is a shared responsibility. Therefore, all community members must uphold and communicate the policy by directing non-compliant smokers to the nearest DOSA. As a last resort, community members can report observed instances of non-compliance to Campus Public Safety.
  • Disposal - Cigarettes must be extinguished and disposed of in designated receptacles such as ash urns.

Cannabis Safety

For more information on cannabis visit:

Fire prevention

Each summer the combination of dry summer weather and the improper disposal of cigarettes cause bark mulch and grass fires at the Burnaby campus.

If you do smoke, ensure that your cigarette is extinguished and disposed of properly in designated ash trays or ash urns.