Ergonomics Assessment FAQs - start here

I would like a sit-stand workstation. Do I need to request an ergonomics assessment?

No. The EHS department does NOT provide recommendations regarding the necessity of sit-stand workstations. Please speak with your supervisor or department administrator about this request. Funding for sit-stand workstations is managed at the departmental level and the decision to provide such workstations rests solely with each department. 

If you are seeking a sit-stand workstation as a medical accomodation, please connect with the Organizational Health Office.

Can EHS conduct an ergonomics assessment?

EHS can perform the following ergonomics assessments:

  • On campus office workstation assessment
  • On campus shared workstation assessment
  • Secondary work location workstation assessment (virtual via Zoom)
  • Task assessment
    • Manual materials handling
    • Lab ergonomics    

When is an assessment required?

Employees must report all ergonomics concerns to their Supervisors. Supervisors will then conduct their own assessment to identify any risk factors and take steps to control it. Supervisors who are having difficulty identifying and controlling ergonomics risk factors may request EHS undertake an ergonomics assessment for their employees. 

What is the outcome of an assessment?

An ergonomics assessment report will be sent to the employee and their supervisor. The report will contain identified risk factors and recommended risk controls.

An on campus office ergonomics assessment may result in a chair or sit-stand workstation demo being scheduled. See the Purchasing Furniture & Equipment tab for more information about demos.

Steps to Request an Ergonomics Assessment

Step 1 – Speak to your Supervisor.  Let you supervisor know as soon as possible if you are experiencing discomfort or have concerns. They will conduct an assessment and may be able to discuss options (i.e. alternative chairs or equipment) that are available within the department.

Step 2 – Complete the appropriate checklist.

Assessment Type Appropriate checklist Checklist description
Office ergononomics - on campus or home workstation assessment Office Ergonomics Self-Assessment Checklist This document provides information on how to set up your workstation and recommendations for how to fix common deficiencies.
Manual materials handling task assessment WorkSafeBC MSI Risk Assessment Worksheet Complete this worksheet with your supervisor and LJHSC to identify ergonomics risk factors present within a task and assign a risk level.
Lab ergonomics task assessment SFU Lab Ergonomics Checklist  Complete this worksheet with your PI/Lab Manager to identify ergonomics risk factors in lab environments. This checklist also suggests changes or modifications to the workstation or task to address identified risk factors.
* Office Ergo Self-Assessment Checklist v4.pdf
Office Ergonomics Self-Assessment Checklist
* MMH SAC_WSBC MSI Risk Assessment Worksheet.pdf
WorkSafeBC MSI Risk Assessment Worksheet

Step 3 – Submit the Ergonomics Assessment Request Form below. Be sure to attach your completed Checklist and pictures (for virtual assessments). The completed pdf can either be emailed to or uploaded with the form below. If requesting a virtual assessment of a home office, please include before/after workstation pictures.

The employee's supervisor will be cc'd on all ergonomics assessment requests.
Have you completed the appropriate self-assessment checklist?
The total size of uploaded attachments can be no larger than 15MB
If yes, where in your body are you experiencing MSI signs and/or symptoms?