The Central University Health and Safety Committee (CUHSC) reports to the Chief Safety Officer and addresses safety policies and safety issues arising in public areas.  It also promotes communication and information sharing among local joint health and safety committees.


Voting members:

Worker Representatives Management Representatives
Megan Wong, CUPE Andrea Ringrose
Wen Zhou, CUPE George Venini
Rochelle Tucker, SFUFA Ruth Appanah
Janice Regan, SFUFA Eugenie Ko
Mike Boyd, Polyparty
Pauline Wu
Claudio Rizzo, Polyparty
Augustin Tretinik
Shivani Kundra, Non-Union
Darrin Grund, Co-Chair
Katie Gravestock, TSSU, Co-Chair
Todd Mann
Amal Vincent, TSSU Chuk Goodin
Matthew Menzies, APSA
Vacant, APSA

Recording Secretary:

Sarah Gaita