Your Privacy Matters

Why the use of Hushmail? 

Hushmail protects your email using end to end encryption. Email encryption can reduce the risk of a potential data breach when it comes to confidenality and sensitive information 

How to use hushmail? 

SFU providers will be sending students important forms and records to be signed through Hushmail. Once you received the email, you will need to create an unique passphrase* to open that email and future emails.

*Do not lose this passphrase, if you lose/forget this passphrase your account can be "reset" but all the forms that were sent to you will be automatically deleted, potentially delaying services. 

There is a time limit/expiration to the email. After the email is sent, there will be a certain amount of time to complete the forms that are sent to you. After the designated time has passed, the forms will be automatically deleted and you will need to contact Health & Counselling again. We encourage you to complete the forms as soon as you can to prevent any delay in services or appointments. 

Due to the volume of emails and students, we will try our best to send out any forms as soon as we can. 

If you do need to reset your passphrase, please do so and contact our front desk to re-send any documents to you.