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Launched in April 2009, FCAT is the exciting intersection of communication, art, and technology. It is what happens when creativity meets new technology, when science meets art, when design encounters new media. We offer a broad range of programs in Communication, Contemporary Arts, Interactive Arts and Technology, Publishing and New Media. We have a rich history of innovation and collaboration in our component units and we are excited by the potential of collaboration across our schools and with the community.

FCAT is Brian Fisher whose work explores how interactive visual interfaces can be used to explore masses of data.  FCAT is John Maxwell whose work on new media publishing helps small magazines remain competitive.  FCAT is choreographer Henry Daniel who is collaborating with composer Owen Underhill and lighting designer Barry Hegland on a new work as part of the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Olympiad.  FCAT is Steve DiPaola whose work examines how computers help us with creativity. FCAT is Ellen Balka whose work explores the use and impact of electronic records on patients and their caregivers.  FCAT is Yuezhi Zhao whose work is on the link between media and democracy, particularly in China.  FCAT is Jin-me Yoon whose video art explores identity  in the interrelationship between bodies, cities and history.

One of the signature aspects of FCAT is its connection to the vibrant creative economy of Greater Vancouver.  We are not only on the mountain in the main campus of SFU Burnaby; we are also on the skytrain in SFU Surrey and downtown at SFU Vancouver.  And we are in the Woodward’s Complex, a stunning new cultural facility on Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver.