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Episode 6: Your Work Is Not Your Life with Valentina Forté-Hernandez

March 20, 2024

Should everything you love also be your living? How can we protect our leisure? What paths open up to us if we challenge what it means to be an expert? This is the journey we take with host Torien Cafferata and Centre of Digital Media graduate and multidisciplinary artist Valentina Forté-Hernandez, who now works as technical director at Bardel Entertainment, an award-winning animation studio behind titles like Dragon Prince and Rick & Morty. Together they explore what happens when you take an honest look at a profession, a charitable look at your skill set, and dare to say “I could do that.”

Guest Bio

Valentina Forté-Hernandez is a creative problem solver with a mixed skillset pulling from various digital media disciplines. She currently works as a Pipeline Technical Director for Bardel Entertainment Co. In her free time she sings with the Chorus Studio and enjoys watching horror, documentary, and rom-com movies with her husband dogs.

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Music by Oleksandr Savochka, Aleksey Chistilin, Yurii Semchyshyn, FASSounds via Pixabay.