Episode 4: Navigating your Educational Journey with Broadcaster Simi Sara

January 18, 2023
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In this episode of the FCAT After School podcast, Communications student Eric Militaru talks with SFU Communication Alumni Simi Sara about her career as a host for 980CKNW and her educational journey.

However, her journey was different than most. Here, Simi would share her philosophy on furthering her career and how any student can learn to take their time and try out new things as they follow their own journey, step by step.

FCAT After School is a podcast project from SFU’s Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology. Current students sit down with alumni to explore their career journeys since graduation and gathering advice for the next generation.

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Guest Bio: 

Simi Sara (Twitter: @simisara980) is the award-winning host of Mornings with Simi. In 2020 Simi took the reins of the morning show, where she can be heard introducing listeners to the top stories of the day over their morning coffee. Simi has been in the media business for almost thirty years, with roles including newspaper reporter, producer, and news anchor. While continuing her full-time job at CKNW, Simi also returned to education, graduating from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Communication.

Host bio:

Eric Militaru is a third-year communications student with dreams of working in the radio and podcasting industry.

Additional Resources and Mentions

The Simi Sara Show: globalnews.ca/bc/program/the-simi-sara-show/

Episode Produced by Eric Militaru and Stacey Copeland

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