Episode 9: Exploring Virtual Production with Brenda Medina

March 28, 2023
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On this episode of FCAT After School, Marshall McCann speaks with Departure Lounge Virtual Producer and Centre for Digital Media alumni, Brenda Medina.

Volumetric capture, LED stages, and real-time rendering engines transform how film, TV, commercials, and music videos are produced and experienced. Departure Lounge, a local Vancouver company nestled beside SFU’s Centre for Digital Media, is at the helm of this pivotal industry transition.

Guest Bio:

Brenda Medina has over 10+ years of work experience in the entertainment industry as a digital product designer and marketing creative director for different global brands and initiatives. She's currently a virtual producer at Departure Lounge where she leads cross-functional teams to develop new media mostly for film, VFX, and the music industry by using innovative tools such as cutting-edge capture technologies.


Host Bio:

Marshall McCann is a writer and producer with works in video games, film, advertising, and now, podcasts! Completing his Master’s at the Centre for Digital Media, he’s currently the lead narrative designer at Dark Wave Arts, a video game and comics studio.


Episode Produced by Marshall McCann and Stacey Copeland

Theme music: Chad Crouch “Illustrated Novel” is licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0