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High school and college counsellors are crucial partners with SFU’s Student Recruitment and Admissions team. As you guide your students on their path towards SFU during these uncertain times, we hope you will find the resources, information and updates on the current recruitment and admission cycle useful.

The Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (FCAT) explores the intersection of communication, art, science, technology, and design with interdisciplinarity and creativity at the core. FCAT includes a diverse and talented interdisciplinary group of artists, researchers, scholars, technologists, and amazing students. 

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Resources for students

SFU has network of services and supports that help students achieve academic, professional, and personal success. We created MySFUPlan to provide support with academic and financial planning, and KnowYourSFU to guide students on finding campus resources for opportunities, community connection, and health and wellbeing. By supporting all our students’ unique holistic needs, SFU enhances the student experience along every step of their journey with us.

My SFU Plan

  • Financial Planning
    • Students can use a cost calculator to plan for anticipated expenses, and also understand fixed and variable costs associated with being an SFU student.
    • SFU also has over 700 scholarships, bursaries, and awards available to undergraduate students. Help your student research what could be available to them to support funding their education.
  • Academic Planning
    • We understand students deciding their course load for the first time can be overwhelming, we have prepared considerations and tips to help undergraduate students think about degree completion, their lifestyle, and other factors that may impact their decision. Share this resource with your students and help them feel prepared for enrolling at SFU.
    • SFU has many type of advisors – academic advisors, financial aid, international advising, career, and more. Undergraduate students will have access to professional support as they navigate their education at SFU, which also consider unexpected life situations where a student may need a support network.

#knowyourSFU on SFU Student Central Instagram

  • We have various types of guides on Instagram to help SFU students know what resources are always available to them, and on a social platform so it’s easier for students to engage with us. Share this channel with your students and help them feel connected to SFU.
  • SFU students are encouraged to get involved and know what they have access to in a proactive way as we know it’ll contribute to their student life and experience at SFU.

Learn more about the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology

School for the Contemporary Arts

SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts (SCA), situated in one of downtown Vancouver’s most dynamic and diverse neighbourhoods, offers a unique curriculum in which studio classes are integrated with the historical and theoretical study of the arts. This meeting of creative practice with academic enquiry is a core value of the school and is enhanced by our attention to critical contemporary issues as well as our commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, both within the classroom and beyond. Today’s world is facing unprecedented economic, social, and environmental pressures that demand flexible and creative responses. In this rapidly changing landscape, we encourage students to see art as a powerful instrument for critical expression. Our internationally renowned faculty members focus on equipping students with the skills, discipline, understanding, creativity, and critical rigor to excel in the arts in Canada and around the world.

School of Communication

The School of Communication (CMNS) emphasizes critical thinking, reading, analysis, and production. Students will study the cultures, histories, and ideologies of the media infrastructures that shape their lives and will apply theories of communication to promote social change and community engagement. Faculty will address pressing issues through the translation of theory and research into practice and action. For over fifty years, the School has built a reputation for their interdisciplinary focus, critical approaches, and world-renowned faculty. The School does not expect perfection—only courage, perseverance, and unwavering curiosity.

Students will reflect upon ideas they may never have before in courses such as CMNS 130: Communication and Social Change, where students consider mass communication’s effect on social justice, and CMNS 304: Communication in Everyday Life, where students critically examine gossip, humour, and sarcasm. Students can participate in co-op, where they gain paid work experience and put their classroom learning into practice by working for reputable organizations such as SFU and the CBC. Program graduates are literate in media and information technologies with an understanding of their social and ethical implications.

School of Interactive Arts + Technology

The School of Interactive Arts & Technology (SIAT) equips students with a practical understanding of the design, development, and study of digital technologies in a human-centred context. Students in SIAT combine the study of human cognition, the analysis of media and culture, the production of art and design, and the application of new technologies—all in an effort to solve problems, tell stories, and explore the intersection of art, science, culture, and the humanities.

SIAT offers both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs, as well as joint degrees with the School of Communication and Beedie School of Business. Through a combination of hands-on projects and assignments, co-op work placements, and international field schools, SIAT students gain real-world experience throughout their degrees, preparing them for a variety of dynamic, technology-oriented careers.

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