Resources for Grant Writing

This section is designed to help you write your research proposal. Here you'll find quick links to research supports across SFU, key information on the grant submissions timeline, and a breakdown of the supports offered through FCAT.

First Step: Visit ORS' Proposal Development Tool

SFU's Office of Research Services (ORS) has an excellent and comprehensive research proposal development tool on their website. Please consult this resource first, and if you require more support, consult the resources listed below or reach out to our Research Support Team and we’ll be happy to help. 

Research Timeline

Your grant submissions pass through various levels of bureaucracy before leaving the University.   Please be aware fo the following timeline for processing and submission of your grant proposals:

For all research funding proposals signatures are required from your own school/program Director as well as from FCAT (through the Associate Dean, Research) in advance of external deadlines. Please note: deadlines circulated in announcements and newsletters are external deadlines.  Planning for internal deadlines falls to the researcher.

Grant Review (at least 1 month in advance of external deadline): If you are seeking feedback from FCAT's Research Facilitator, please submit your draft application at least 1 month in advance of the external deadline.

Signature Sheet Deadline (at least 1 week (5 business days) in advance of internal deadline): You MUST submit a signature sheet to your Chair at least 1 week before the internal deadline.  This submission must include your proposal and project summary, the budget and budget justification, and any letters of support.  Note that the signed sig sheet must match what is submitted to ORS when you hit 'submit' on your grant application.

Internal Deadline (at least 3 days in advance of external deadline): You will submit your proposal to SFU’s Office of Research Services (ORS), who will submit the completed application to the agency on your behalf by the external deadline.  When you hit 'submit' on any Tri-Council grant, the file goes to ORS, and they create a package for submission to Ottawa.