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Presentations Spring 2008

February 14: Charles Stevens
Barnard, T. J., Dautin, N., Lukacik, P., Bernstein, H. D., Buchanan, S. K.
"Autotransporter structure reveals intra-barrel cleavage followed by conformational changes"
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 14, 1214 - 1220 (2007) Autotransporter and Supplementary material

February 28: Harris Huang
Stanislav D. Zakharov, John D. Hulleman, Elena A. Dutseva, Yuri N. Antonenko, Jean-Christophe Rochet, William A. Cramer
"Helical a-synuclein Forms Highly Conductive Ion Channels"
Biochemistry 2007, 46, 14369-14379 syncformionchannel

March 13 : Kelly Kim
Andreas Martin, Tania A Baker & Robert T Sauer
"Protein unfolding by a AAA+ protease is dependent on ATP-hydrolysis rates and substrate energy landscapes"
Nature structural & molecular biology (2008), Vol 15(2): 139-145 nsmb.1380

April 3: Joseph Lee
Zong Lin, Damian Madan & Hays S Rye
"GroEL stimulates protein folding through forced unfolding"
Nature structural & molecular biology (2008), Vol 15(3): 303-311     nsmb1.1394  and   nsmb.1394-S11

April 24: Dr. Rosemary Cornell
V. Vasquez, M. Sotomayor, D. M. Cortes, B. Roux, K. Schulten, and E. Perozo
"Three-dimensional architecture of membrane-embedded MscS in the closed conformation"
Journal of Molecular Biology (2008), Vol 378: 55-70   Vasquez et.al

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