New job opportunities

  • King Lab and Vocadlo Lab - Joint Research Assistant Position

We are looking for a highly motivated individual with a background in biochemistry and molecular biology to conduct research exploring the molecular basis of CO2 sensing in organisms.

Carbon dioxide is an essential biological gas that triggers adaptive physiological responses within diverse organisms. However, the basic biochemical mechanisms through which organisms’ sense and respond to CO2 are largely unknown. One direct way that CO2 can impact biological systems is through its ability to reversibly modify protein residues. Our ongoing research involves developing proteomic methods to discover functional CO2 modification sites on proteins and then characterize the detailed biochemical basis.

Duties include:

-       Protein purification

-       Biochemical assay development

-       Bacterial cell culture

-       Molecular biology and proteomics workflows

-       Laboratory setup, equipment maintenance, lab organization and ordering

-       Training and working as part of a team with other HQP

-       Analyzing and interpreting data and preparing presentations

Preferred candidates will have completed at least an M.Sc. in an area related to biochemistry and molecular biology.

The position is available for 1 year with the possibility of an extension. Applications will close Nov. 15, 2022. For the full job posting and information on how to apply - please click here.  


  • Morin Lab – Summer 2022 Research position for B.Sc. student

The Morin Lab is seeking an enthusiastic summer student to contribute to an exciting laboratory project. This is a paid position, on-site (SFU Burnaby) for the Summer 2022 term (May 1st – Aug 30th).

We previously identified a recurrent pattern of silent mutations affecting an RNA binding protein, HNRNPH1, in mantle cell lymphoma (Pararajalingam & Coyle et al. Blood 2020). These mutations are associated with poor patient outcomes and affect RNA splicing and protein abundance in clinical tumor samples. We are now investigating the precise functions of these mutations in cell-based models and testing a new therapeutic strategy. The successful applicant will use molecular and cell-based techniques to characterize these mutations and generate preclinical evidence.

Duties may include:

-          Preparation of standard laboratory reagents

-          Molecular cloning to generate fusion proteins

-          Human cell culture and gene editing with CRISPR

-          Nucleic acid & protein isolation; PCR and Western blotting

-          Analyzing and interpreting data and assisting in presentations

Preferred candidates will be in the senior years of a B.Sc. program with relevant laboratory experience acquired through courses, volunteering, or employment. This position requires excellent oral and written communication skills, attention to detail, and a high degree of independence and autonomy.

The position is available for 4 months with the possibility of extension. Remuneration is $18-20/hr depending on experience (37.5 h/week).

Applications will close April 1st, 2022. Please forward your cover letter and CV to:

Dr. Krysta Coyle, Postdoctoral Fellow
Morin Laboratory, SFU



  • Paetzel Lab - Research position for MSc student

The Paetzel lab currently has an opening for a MSc student. The thesis project will involve the structural and mechanistic analysis of viral proteases. Please visit the lab website (LINK: to learn more e-mail Dr. Paetzel ( with transcripts and CV.



Other opportunities

Please contact individual faculty members regarding research opportunities in their lab.