The Department offers Centralized, Managed Pay-Per-Page Print Services to those seeking alternatives to the Cost of Ownership associated with owning and maintaining a desktop printer.


In order to print to a Shared Account using PIN Codes, you need to have the PaperCut Client installed.

To install the client, find the instructions here.

Step 1: Go to a document or any file and click "Print." If you need to photocopy, go up the machine and select "Copy."

A. Printing


Step 2: When you click "Print," the PaperCut client will give you a pop-up to select a PIN Code. When you select "Copy," it will give you an option to enter a Code on the right of the screen. If your department has PIN Codes already set up, enter the PIN onto the computer or machine, depending if you are printing or photocopying to that shared account.

A) Printing (PIN is entered on the computer)

B) Photocopying (PIN is entered on the computer)

Step 3: Pick up your print jobs/photocopies from a multi-function device.

Print Options/Locations

SSB 7115 Grad Computer Room

BizHub 423 (42 ppm. B&W): Suitable for high volume B&W printing, scanning, photocopying.

Instructions for Windows XP/Vista/7

Intructions for Mac OSX

Installation Instructions

Mac OSX - BizHub 423

Download Drivers

SSB 8166 MBB Front Office

BizHub C360 (36 ppm. Colour): Suitable for medium volume colour printing, scanning, photocopying.

Instructions for Windows XP/Vista/7

Instructions for Mac OSX

SSB 8172 MBB Front Office

BizHub 223 (22 ppm. Colour): Suitable for low volume, printing, scanning, photocopying.


Click here for instructions on setting up printing to this location.