Directed Research Thesis Defense Information

Your presentation should be held during the final examination period. This is especially important if you are planning to graduate at the end of the Directed Research semester.

  1. Meet with your supervisor to discuss
    • setting a date for your presentation
    • selecting a title for your presentation
  2. Check with committee members to see if the date and time works for them.
  3. Book a meeting room - rooms in the South Science Building (SSB) can be booked as follows:
    • SSB 7109 or 7172 can be booked through the Dean of Science Office. Grad students and technicians may be able to access the Dean of Science roombookings website: If you require assistance, please e-mail or call 2-4590.
    • SSB 8114 and SSB 6178 (Computer Lab) can be booked through MBB room and equipment bookings. Your supervisor, grad students or technicians should be able to access the MBB on-line booking system. If your supervisor is not in MBB, you can contact the MBB undergraduate program assistant at
    • Note that resources (i.e. rooms and equipment) are limited, so book early in case other arrangements must be made.
  4. Book projector and laptop if necessary
  5. Inform undergraduate program assistant of presentation details at least one week before the presentation. The information will be used to send out e-mail announcements as well as to prepare the grade sheet.
    • date
    • time
    • room
    • title of presentation
    • name of supervisor
  6. Practice your presentation. Try to book the same room and equipment for your practice session as for your real presentation. Practice in front of your colleagues. Supervisor feedback is acceptable and is even recommended.