Support Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

The Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry has received donations towards our endowment that continue to support our biomedical research. Please consider financially supporting MBB to allow us to provide scholarships and fellowships to our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, in addition to supporting research infrastructure and other aspects of our department. 

Undergraduate Awards and Scholarships

MBB Undergraduate Endowment Fund

The Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Undergraduate Scholarship, valued at approximately $500, is granted annually from a portion of the income earned from the endowment fund. This scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student(s) in their final year of their approved major or honours degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

Graduate Awards and Scholarships

David L. Baillie Graduate Fellowships in Molecular and Cellular Biology

The purpose of the David L. Baillie Graduate Fellowships is to provide financial support for students pursuing a PhD degree in the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry program.

Weyerhaeuser Molecular Biology Graduate Scholarship

The purpose of the Weyerhaeuser Molecular Biology Graduate Scholarship (formerly MacMillan Bloedel MBB Graduate Scholarship) is to provide financial support for a graduate student enrolled in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

Dr. Bruce Brandhorst Graduate Prizes

The purpose of the Dr. Bruce Brandhorst Graduate Prizes is to offer financial assistance and reward outstanding graduate students in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry in the following categories:

  • Best Oral Presentation at the MBB Graduate Symposium
  • Best Poster Presentation at the MBB Graduate Symposium
  • Best Publication by a MBB Graduate Student
  • Best MBB PhD thesis

Ways to Support our Students and Research

Donate Online

If you would like to make a single or monthly donation to support our research and infrastructure, or students, please visit the SFU Advancement on-line donation website.

Indicate that your gift should go to the Faculty of Science and then search Molecular Biology and Biochemistry to find an area you'd like to support. Or, simply specify the nature of your donation and that it should be directed to the MBB Department in the free text box. 

Donate by Cash or Cheque

Forms and envelopes are available at the MBB office.