Tissue Culture Facility

Located in SSB 6164, The MBB Tissue Culture facility is a CL2 facility, allowing labs to culture mammalian & insect cells classified at biohazard levels 1 and 2. The anteroom, SSB6162, leading to the Tissue Culture Facility, houses a liquid nitrogen storage dewar for long term cell storage and a computer log used for billing. Please note that this Facility is user pay. 

Technical Support

The MBB Tissue Culture Facility is managed by Dr. David Vocadlo (dvocadlo@sfu.ca) and the MBB Manager, Laboratory Operations. Please contact the Manager (mbblabop@sfu.ca) for access to the Facility and training. Users will have to list the Facility in their Biosafety Permits, a copy of which must be posted in the Facility.


Access to the entire facility -- $500 per year. This includes use of incubators, microscope, and BSCs (up to the first 25 hours). After the first 25 hours of use, additional BSC use will be charged at $20 per hour. Use of the LN2 storage dewar -- $100 per year.


SSB 6164


Manager, Laboratory Operations

Phone: (604) 518-9066
E-mail: mbblabop@sfu.ca


The facility contains: 

  • 2 x Class 2, Type A2 biosafety cabinets
  • 2 x aspiration pump systems
  • 2 x CO2 incubators
  • 1 x freezer