Lower Division Core Program

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Undergraduate Major Program

Typical Lower Division Sequence

MBB majors normally complete chemistry, math, molecular biology and biochemistry, physics and statistics requirements as well as other lower division required courses within the first 60 units (four terms).  Although there are many variations, the following is a typical program for the first four terms. If you are considering doing a Joint Major, please check the lower division requirements specific to the Joint Major program with Chemistry, Business Administration or Computing Science.

Term 1

BISC    101-4 Introduction to Biology
CHEM 121-4 General Chemistry and Laboratory I
MATH 154-3 Calculus I for Biological Sciences
PHYS   101-3 Physics for the Life Sciences I

Term 2

BISC    102-4 Introduction to Biology
CHEM 122-2 General Chemistry II
CHEM 126-2  General Chemistry Laboratory I
MATH 155-3 Calculus II for Biological Sciences
PHYS   102-3 Physics for the Life Sciences II

Term 3

CHEM 281-4 Organic Chemistry I
MBB    222-3 Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Elective (e.g. B-Hum, B-Soc, or a lower division W course)
BISC    202-3 Genetics
STAT   201-3 Statistics for the Life Sciences

Term 4

CHEM 282-2  Organic Chemistry II or CHEM 283-3 Organic Chemistry II (recommended)
CHEM 286-2  Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
MBB    231-3 Cell Biology and Biochemistry
CMPT SCI programing course or MBB 243-3 Data Analysis for MBB
Elective (e.g. B-Hum, B-Soc, or a lower division W course)