PhD Graduate Degree Requirements

Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Entry with a BSc or equivalent

Students who enter the PhD program with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree, or equivalent, will achieve a minimum total of 15 units of course work.

Students must complete

and one unit of MBB colloquium by completing one of:

and another six units selected from other graduate courses, chosen in consultation with the supervisory committee and which can include appropriate courses from MBB and/or other departments.

Students should hold at least one Teaching Assistantship during their graduate program.

Entry with a MSc Degree

Students who enter the program with a Master of Science (MSc) degree will complete a minimum total of eight units, including:

Students should hold at least one Teaching Assistantship during their graduate program.

Thesis Defence 

Thesis preparation, defence and submission is a very involved process with firm deadlines. Make sure to review the Graduate Thesis Timelines and contact the Graduate Program Assistant for guidelines in preparing, defending and submitting your thesis.

Anticipated Completion Time

The anticipated completion time of all program requirements for students enrolled in the MBB PhD program is 12 to 15 terms from initial enrollment. The time limit for students in the PhD program to complete all of the requirements is 18 terms from the start of the program, or in the case of a student who has transferred from the MSc program into the PhD program, without completing the MSc, 18 terms from the start of the MSc program. The time limit for program completion is not intended to be the normal time for completion. This limit takes into account a wide variety of extraordinary circumstances and events that may delay completion. See Graduate General Regulations 1.12 Time Limit for Program Completion.

See: MBB Policy for Time Limit for MBB Graduate Program Completion

Important note for MBB 806:

Completion of MBB 806 with a grade of B+ or higher (very good to exceptional performance) is required for MSc students to transfer to the PhD program, and for students who enter the PhD program directly to continue towards their degree. Depending on the circumstances, the MBB Graduate Studies Committee may permit students who earn a grade below B+ to retake the course within an agreed period of time. Alternatively, the Graduate Studies Committee may allow such students to complete an MSc degree.