Frequently asked questions


What are the admission requirements for high school or college/university transfer students?

For direct admission to the MBB program, all students must meet SFU's general admission requirements and the Faculty of Science's admission requirements. Click here for more information. 

I’ve been admitted to SFU as a student in another Faculty or Program.  How do I transfer to the MBB program?

Drop in to see the Undergraduate Advisor (during office hours) and be sure to bring a hard copy of your advising transcript or email it ahead of time. If you are transferring from the Faculty of Arts you need to have taken a minimum number of courses in the Faculty of Science. For more details, visit SFU Science Advising.

I want to do a second degree in MBB – what is the process?

You first need to apply to the University.  For details visit SFU Admission Requirements and choose the “University graduates (degree holders) tab.

Once you’ve been admitted make an appointment to see the MBB advisor and bring all transcripts from previous institutions.  We’ll work together to decide which courses you need to complete your second degree.  

I just want to come back for a Certificate in Genomics – can I do that?

Yes! Go to the same tab as indicated above and follow the same instructions.   

Course Registration & Enrollment

How do I enrol in courses?

Please visit SFU Enrollment for information on how to enrol in courses. All questions pertaining to how to use SIS/goSFU should be directed to the SIS/goSFU team:

Phone:  778.782.6930
Online help:
Live help:

This is my first semester at SFU – what courses should I take?

Here is a link to a suggested course plan.  There can be flexibility but certain courses have pre-requisites so it’s important to take certain courses in a certain order.

What courses do you recommend to take during my first four semsters? 

Please check out the lower division core program for a suggested course plan.

When I registered in an MBB course, I see spaces in the lecture, but the system put me in the waitlist.  Why?

Our registration system is based on placement in the tutorial/lab.  If the tutorial that you chose is full, you will not be able to enrol in the lecture regardless of the number of spaces that are available in the lecture.  In this scenario, there is a likelihood that there are spaces still available in other tutorials, and depending on the circumstances, it may make sense to choose an open tutorial/lab which enables you to secure a seat in the lecture.

I am on the waitlist and I see that there is an available space in a different lab/tutorial.  How do I switch to the tutorial/lab?

You must drop yourself from the waitlist and re-enrol in the course.  Before you enrol, make sure that there is no waitlist in the tutorial/lab.  If there is no waitlist, you should be able to enrol in it.  However, if there is a waitlist, you will be placed in the waitlist.  This is to ensure that students are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis.

I'm trying to enroll in an MBB course but it says I don't meet the prerequisites. I have completed the prerequisite course(s), why can't I enroll?

In order to enroll in upper division MBB courses student’s must receive a minimum grade of C in the pre-requisite course(s). For example, if you are trying to register in MBB 331, you must have a minimum grade of C in MBB231 and a minimum grade of C in BISC 202.  Without the minimum grade you must repeat the pre-requisite.

Where do I get Directed Research (formerly ISS) information and forms?

You can find information about Directed Research on our Honours Program page, listed under Degree Programs. 


Undergraduate Programs

What programs are available with the Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry?

The MBB Department offers Major and Honours programs leading to a B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. We also have Joint Major and Honours programs with

  • Chemistry
  • Business 
  • Computing Science 

An MBB minor is also an option as well as a Certificate in Genomics.

Visit the Degree Programs page on our website for more detail including requirements for each of these programs.

How do I declare an MBB major, honours, minor?

Bring a hard copy of your advising transcript (or email it ahead of time) to the MBB undergraduate Advisor during office hours. Remember it's the advising transcript, NOT the APR or the unofficial transcript.


I plan to graduate soon, should I meet with an Advisor?

Yes! It is highly recommended that you check in with the Undergraduate Advisor at some point in your last year to review graduation requirements. You can email <> with a copy of your Advising Transcript or book an appointment on Advisor Link.

When and how do I apply to graduate?

The earliest students can apply to graduate is on the first day of classes in their last term. Graduation applications are completed on goSFU. Visit for more information.

How do I know whether I've graduated?

Senate meets in early September, February, and May to evaluate all graduation applications from the previous term. Students can expect a letter awarding their degree shortly thereafter.