FALL 2018

Program entry for all levels for Dance, Film, Music, Theatre Performance, Theatre Production & Design, and Visual Art BFAs is by audition, interview, or portfolio. Depending on the Program Area, the audition, interview, or portfolio review will occur from February to April. Entry into Art, Performance and Cinema Studies is based on GPA only. Please scroll down for Program Area-specific information. As our programs are cohort based, students usually start our programs in the Fall. Those interested in January or May start dates should contact us for a review of the specific details.



The application deadline for the 2018 Fall Semester for all students is February 28, 2018.

Most of our programs have secondary application deadlines prior to this. Please see below.

Upcoming Tours

Please check our Events Page for any upcoming SCA Tours, lead by Dean Lastoria.

Apply to SFU First

Students for Dance, Film, Music, Theatre, or Visual Art must have applied to SFU prior to the Audition/Interview/Portfolio process. This does not mean that you must be admitted to SFU... you probably won’t be admitted yet and that’s OK. Shortly after you fill out the SFU Admissions form, you will be given a 9-digit reference number (eg. 303333333) and you will need that to take the next step in the process.

SFU Admissions will post a competitive GPA for admission each semester. The School for the Contemporary Arts will take students' Audition/Interview/Portfolio into account in the application process and make recommendations to Admissions where appropriate. Our School expects students in our majors to maintain a 3.0 Program GPA during the course of their studies at SFU. That is a B average in all Contemporary Arts (CA) courses.


Entry is by audition. Auditions will take place Friday, February 16 and Monday, April 16, all days beginning at 9am. Please e-mail ca@sfu.ca to book your time.

It is a full day with a class in the morning and an interview in the afternoon. It is strongly recommended that you attend the audition, but if you cannot attend, please contact Dean Lastoria (lastoria@sfu.ca) to discuss your options. 

Audition by Video Instructions – ALL LEVELS



The process to apply for the Film program is a questionnaire followed by an interview. Film questionnaires can be submitted by either January 15 or APRIL 1. A phone or in-person interview will follow later based on a review of the questionnaire. Please note, unsuccessful applicants who have submitted their questionnaires in January will be reconsidered in April so there is no need to re-submit.

Film Questionnaire – ALL LEVELS

Based on the results of the submitted questionnaire, a phone or in-person interview will follow later for approximately half the students who have applied. Find out more about the program: Film FAQ



Entry to music is by Questionnaire, which can be submitted by either January 15 or APRIL 1. After Questionnaires are reviewed, prospective students will be contacted about a possible music theory placement test.

If you are from outside the BC Lower Mainland, we can send the test to teachers or counselors who would be willing to supervise a 45 minute test, or if you have post-secondary music credit and extensive composition experience, please contact lastoria@sfu.ca for information on submitting a portfolio for a placement assessment.

Music QuestionnaireHERE

SCA Music Placement Exam

Please contact ca@sfu.ca for an individual sitting time for the music placement exam. 


Theatre: Performance

Prospective Performance students can audition in-person at the following locales and dates:

Vancouver Auditions: December 9 & 10, 2017, and April 14 &15, 2018.
Calgary Auditions: Monday, December 11, 2017
Toronto Auditions: Wednesday, December 13, 2017.

Please email ca@sfu.ca to book your time locally and to find out more information about precise audition times and locations.

Audition by Video: Prospective students are strongly encouraged to audition in person if possible. If this is not possible, video audition applications are considered.

Click here for Theatre Performance Program Instructions for Exceptional Audition by Video.

Students from high school, or without post-secondary theatre courses, will audition for entry into the first year of the program; students with post-secondary theatre transfer credit will audition for entry into the second year of the program. Please contact our New Student Advisor Dean Lastoria (LASTORIA@SFU.CA) to discuss your options.


Theatre: Production & Design

All prospective Production & Design students will submit an online questionnaire either January 15 or APRIL 1.

Production and Design Questionnaire – High school  |  Post secondary


Visual Art

All prospective Visual Art students’ portfolios will be due January 15 or APRIL 1. Students will be interviewed after submitting a PDF portfolio with images and written responses. Please note, unsuccessful applicants who have submitted their portfolios in January will be reconsidered in March, so there is no need to re-submit.

Visual Arts Questionnaire – High school  |  Post secondary


Art, Performance and Cinema Studies

Prospective students can submit a questionnaire by either January 15 or APRIL 1.

Art, Performance and Cinema Studies Questionnaire – All Applicants 


Alumni Reflections

"Studying in an interdisciplinary environment helped expose me to different ways of thinking about movement.  I've worked with dancers in a narrative filmmaking capacity and their approach was consistently refreshing and offered me different perspectives on the scenes I had written. I enjoy responding and reacting to their impulses and letting their body movement influence where I place the camera."

Jon Thomas (Film Student)

sca works

  • SFU Film Grad Trailer 2012
  • Visual Art  - 2nd Annual Campus Project - Image Gallery
  • Here Be Dragons - Non Plus Ultra
  • Videognome - 2013 SFU Film GRAD TRAILER - YouTube