Brian Fisher



  • BA, Biology, Hiram College
  • PhD, Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz


In addition to his role in SIAT, Brian is a member of the SFU Program in Cognitive Science and the Interdisciplinary Research in the Mathematical and Computational Sciences Centre. At UBC he is a member of the Brain Research Centre and Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems and is the Associate Director of the Media And Graphics Interdisciplinary Centre. He is a Fellow of the Psychonomics Society and a member of the IEEE  "Visualization Pioneer” group. Brian chaired IEEE VAST 2010, ISCRAM 2012, and the International Symposium on Smart Graphics in 2004 and 2006. Dr Fisher serves on the VIS Executive Committee, the leadership board of  DHS VACCINE Center of Excellence and the steering committees for the International Cybercrime Research Centre, the German DFG "Scalable Visual Analytics" Priority Program, and VAST. He was keynote speaker for 2011 EuroVAST, 2011 NATO Visualisation Network-of-Experts, and the 2011 Scalable VA DFG Priority Program meeting.

Research Interests

  • Field research on real-world practices of analysts and decision-makers --  e.g. in public health, disaster relief, anti-terrorism, aircraft safety, and finance.
  • Laboratory investigation of the use of information systems to support individual and collaborative human reasoning and coordinated action.
  • Design of new visualization/interaction methods & technologies that evaluate the utility and practicality of scientific findings
  • Design and evaluation of courses and curricula for building these methods and integrating them with work practices in public safety, science, engineering and business.