Getting your ID Card

Current Students

Current SFU students who require a replacement ID card should visit the Registrar and Information Services offices that is most convenient to them. Location and hours of operation can be found on this page.

Bring a photo ID 

To get your SFU ID card, you must bring a physical copy of an acceptable ID. The ID must include your full name and date of birth in English. Please note that national photo ID cards are not accepted.

If you have questions, please contact us.

close We do not accept the following form of ID

  • Electronic ID copies
  • National photo ID cards
  • Expired documents


  • Passport - must include a signed signature page
  • Birth certificate*
  • Canadian Driver’s licence
  • BCID
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Single Journey Travel Document
  • Canadian citizenship certificate*
  • Permanent resident card 
  • GoCard (must be presented with birth certificate or CareCard)

*Must be presented with photo ID, if photo not included.

Types of SFU ID Card


SFU ID cards are automatically renewed whenever you enrol in courses. You must keep your card for the duration of your studies at SFU and thereafter as an alumnus.

Faculty and staff

Human Resources will notify you when your card is available to be produced. Following the first payroll cycle, staff and faculty can collect their SFU Employee ID card at any of our three campuses at Registrar and Information Services

FIC students

You may need a Student ID Card if you live in SFU Residence and Housing and need access to the dining hall.

FIC students are able to request their ID and Replacement IDs at any of our Registrar and Information Services offices.

Visitors cards

Visiting faculty and scholars, SFU Childcare staff, visiting graduate students, and members of the SFU community who are being sponsored by a department may be eligible to receive an SFU ID card and library borrowing privileges.

In order for us to determine your eligibility for an SFU ID card, our office will require a letter from your department that lists your start and end date at SFU, in addition to a valid piece of government-issued photo ID (see below).  

If you are not a Visitor at SFU, please visit SFU Library directly  to get a external borrower card or the SFU Recreation website for information on their services.