Undergraduate Students

Loans: BC Residents (Full-Time)

Undergraduate students who are enrolled in at least 60% of a full-time course load, and in a student loan eligible program, are considered to be studying full-time.  At SFU, this means a minimum of 9 units per term (15 units is considered a 100% courseload). Note: students with a recognized permanent disability (who have been approved through StudentAid BC) must be enrolled in at least 40% of a full-time course load, a minimum of 6 units per term. Your course load cannot include any courses for which you have received a passing grade previously.

If you are enrolled in less than 9 units, see the BC Residents (Part-Time) section. If you are enrolled in less than 3 units, you are ineligible for Government Student Loan funding.

StudentAid BC assists eligible BC residents with the cost of their post-secondary education through loans and grants.  It is a partnership between the provincial and federal governments.

As a full-time post-secondary student, you have the primary responsibility of paying for your education.  Most students meet their costs through employment income, savings, assets, support from family, scholarships, bursaries and/or awards.  However, if this is not enough, StudentAid BC may be able to supplement (not replace) your own financial resources to help you reach your educational goals. 

A single application assesses your eligibility for both BC student loans and grants (provided by the provincial government) and Canada student loans and grants (provided by the federal government). For more information and to apply, please visit StudentAid BC.

How do I maintain interest-free status?

How does split enrollment work if you are attending two schools?

How will withdrawing from a course affect my student loan?

How will failing a course affect my student loan?

How does repayment work?

Student Loan Repayment Webinars

The National Student Loans Service Center (NSLSC) offers online presentations (webinars) on the student loan repayment process. The webinars will be beneficial to both school staff and students, as it will assist students with their obligations when repaying their student loans, and will provide answers on:

  • How to save money
  • How to avoid repayment difficulties
  • How to maintain your student loan

The webinars are 45 to 60 minutes long and can be viewed on a computer, tablet or Android/ iPhone.

To view the Student Loan Repayment Webinars, click on the link below:






Please note: Loans offered by Canadian governments are available to Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Landed Immigrants. If you belong to a different student group, please see our International Students (Including US) page.