How to apply for a Withdrawal under Extenuating Circumstances (WE)

You can only apply to WE after week six of the term. Before that date, withdraw through goSFU and receive a WD notation instead.

1. Download the WE form.

2. You may seek advice from a Student Services academic advisor or your departmental academic advisor.

3. Review the instructions and the FAQs and fill out the WE form. Applications submitted during the latter part of the term should include an indication that you have consulted with your instructor to explore alternatives that would allow you to successfully complete the course.

4. Write a personal letter (no longer than two pages double-spaced, 12 point type) indicating why you are applying to withdraw. (See FAQ #8, and Writing an Effective Appeal Letter.)

5. Gather the documentation related to your request for a withdrawal. If everything except the final exam has been completed for a course from which you are requesting a withdrawal, you must also include a note from the instructor attesting they were unable to defer your exam. Documentation should include (and these should be original dated documents, on letterhead where appropriate, not photocopies): 

NOTE: All supporting documents must be submitted in English; it is your responsibility to have them translated. You should make copies of all of your documents for your own records.

6. Email the form and documentation to
You can use Library printers/photocopiers at all SFU Library locations to scan to email.

7. Wait to hear from the WE office by email. Continue to attend classes and complete all course requirements, if applicable, as you wait for a decision.

The wait varies. Peak volume is immediately prior to the last day of classes at the end of a term, or during the exam period, when final grades are posted, or when the enrollment period is about to start.

When a decision has been made, you will be contacted by email and the decision will be recorded on your Academic Record on goSFU. Please check your SFU email account regularly.