Teaching French for Beginners


Simon Fraser University’s Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (OFFA), in partnership with Cowichan Valley, Saanich, Sooke, and Greater Victoria school districts, are pleased to share comprehensive beginner’s Core French unit plans designed by groups of teachers with self-assessed limited French skills. Each group of teacher unit designers started by exploring research in additional language acquisition and applied their learning to develop these units based on their expertise of teaching intermediate grade-level students. 

These comprehensive units are resources created for elementary Core French and immersion teachers, including those with limited French skills, to feel confident in teaching the French language. The units can be used as a supplement to what is already working in their classroom, or as a starting point. Each unit and its contents can be downloaded and adapted to fit their needs.


  • Introduce, develop, and assess beginners’ French language skills 

  • Develop students’ confidence and love of French in a play-based literacy approach

  • Build a foundation of basic French language skills so that high school teachers can continue to build upon them to further develop students’ proficiency


  • Each comprehensive unit plan (available as they are completed)

  • Student “I can” criteria rubrics and Teacher learning maps

  • Links to digital tools for supporting teacher and student French skills

  • The French Sounds Support guide: A colour-coded guide to the French-only sounds that are used consistently in the unit plans, and are designed to support teacher and student communication and pronunciation.

  • Visual supports for the classroom: Posters that can be used to support what is being learned in class, including interrogative question structures and high frequency vocabulary

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These resources were made possible with the participation of Canadian Heritage and the Ministry of Education and Childcare of British Columbia