An Historic Agreement To Retain Youth In The Francophone Community


Simon Fraser University's (SFU) Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (OFFA) and the Conseil jeunesse francophone de la Colombie-Britannique (CJFCB) are joining forces to strengthen engagement opportunities in French for youth. OFFA and CJFCB are pleased to announce the signing of a historical annual agreement to foster academic and community engagement in French beyond high school throughout British Columbia.

Shared Goals for a Complementary Approach

For several years, the two organizations have been working together to offer periodical activities to French-speaking students within the province. This year, and for the first time, this agreement allows to further the development of the proposed offer and formalize a lasting collaboration.

"We are very proud of this partnership which reflects the mutual trust between our two organizations and the convergence of our mandates. The enhancement and development of services offered to young people in French after high school allow for stronger community involvement, which has an impact on the development of our entire Francophone community," explains Sophie Audet, Executive Director of the Conseil jeunesse francophone de la C.-B.

Concrete actions for youth

By combining their expertise and networks, OFFA and CJFCB hope to participate more actively in retaining British Columbian youth in the francophone community after high school by offering greater awareness of the programs and courses offered in French at SFU and by proposing, with the 15 members of the 18+ committee of the Conseil jeunesse, a comprehensive annual program of activities and events in French for those 18 years of age and older. This reflects the call for collaboration from the Fédération de la jeunesse canadienne-française (FJCF) following the publication, on October 27, 2022, of the Report of the National Dialogue on Postsecondary Education in a Francophone Minority Context.

Gino LeBlanc, Director of the Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs, said that "OFFA's raison d'être is to ensure the continuum of French-language education in British Columbia beyond Grade 12. This agreement reinforces the message that there is life in French in British Columbia after high school and that French-speaking youth are invited to be part of it. He also adds that "Francophone identity is not only forged through education, but is also and above all forged by living and dreaming in French. It is therefore an honor for OFFA to partner with the CJFCB team, who are experts in this field.”

To learn more about OFFA and CJFCB, visit their websites at the following addresses

The Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs (OFFA) is an administrative entity of Simon Fraser University whose mission is to coordinate, promote and support the development of programs and courses offered in French at SFU. OFFA also organizes scientific and cultural activities for the community to promote a plural and inclusive Francophonie.

The Conseil jeunesse francophone de la Colombie-Britannique (CJFCB) is an organization managed by and for youth. Its mission is to promote, develop and represent the interests of French-speaking youth in British Columbia through the development of the French language and Francophone culture as well as through the organization of youth events at the provincial level The CJFCB has been active in the community since 1989.

For more information or to schedule a one-on-one or roundtable interview with Gino LeBlanc, Director of OFFA, and/or Sophie Audet, Director of CJFCB, contact:

Anne Marie Gagné
Communications, Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator, OFFA

Marie-Athéna Gaudé-Escoffier
Assistant Executive Director, CJFCB