Doctoral Degree (Ph.D)

Languages, Cultures and Literacies - PhD in French

This doctoral program offered by the Faculty of Education at SFU will allow you to become both an expert researcher and an author of new professional knowledge.

Through sustained interaction with a team of renowned researchers, you will explore the theoretical and empirical foundations of education in the context of language and cultural contact and otherness.

Through the in-depth study of contemporary themes such as indigenous, new and digital literacies, multimodality, plurilingualisms, globalization and internationalization of education, you will develop a critical perspective on the role of literacy and language teaching as vehicles for social change.

This PhD program will allow you to advance knowledge in education and actively contribute to the field of research that corresponds to your interests and priorities.

Program Overview

  • Delivery: online (synchronous and asynchronous) and the possibility of a one-week intensive summer institute on campus and/or by videoconference
  • Duration: 16 months + comprehensive exam and thesis
  • Combination of courses and seminars over 4 sessions followed by the comprehensive exam and doctoral thesis
  • Next program expected to start: date to be confirmed*
  • Admission: date to be confirmed

*The application period is now closed for the cohort starting in January 2024

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Bursaries and Awards

By pursuing graduate studies at SFU, you may be eligible for a variety of bursaries specific to studies in French, in addition to those available through your faculty.
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French Language Support

Tutoring for academic writing in French, library resources, proofreading software: several services in French are available for free.
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