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Expand your editorial skills or get set to launch your career as an editor. Our editing courses and certificate program will provide you with the professional tools and techniques you need to polish diverse writing styles and work effectively with writers.

  • Take fully online courses on a flexible schedule
  • Learn from experienced working editors
  • Build a professional network of peers
  • Develop the competencies required for Editors Canada certification



2–10 weeks/course


Take our fully online courses one at a time to suit your work schedule.

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February 2020

5 Copy Editing EDIT210 EDIT210-ON12011

19 Proofreading EDIT225 EDIT225-ON12011

March 2020

4 Editors and Editing: An Introduction EDIT110 EDIT110-ON12012

11 Grammar EDIT250 EDIT250-ON12012

11 Proofreading EDIT225 EDIT225-ON12012

18 Copy Editing EDIT210 EDIT210-ON12012

18 Stylistic Editing EDIT320 EDIT320-ON12012

18 Writing and Editing for the Web EDIT505 EDIT505-ON12011

25 Structural Editing EDIT330 EDIT330-ON12011

April 2020

1 Document Design and Production for Editors EDIT240 EDIT240-ON12012

1 Editors and Editing: An Introduction EDIT110 EDIT110-ON12013

1 Proofreading EDIT225 EDIT225-ON12013

2 Ethics and Legal Issues in Writing and Publishing BCPW210 BCPW210-ON12012

15 Final Project: Editing EDIT410 EDIT410-ON12012

May 2020

6 Editors and Editing: An Introduction EDIT110 EDIT110-ON12041

6 Freelancing for Editors EDIT509 EDIT509-ON12041

13 Copy Editing EDIT210 EDIT210-ON12041

27 Structural Editing EDIT330 EDIT330-ON12041

June 2020

3 Editors and Editing: An Introduction EDIT110 EDIT110-ON12042

3 Proofreading EDIT225 EDIT225-ON12041

3 Stylistic Editing EDIT320 EDIT320-ON12041

10 Writing and Editing for the Web EDIT505 EDIT505-ON12041

24 Grammar EDIT250 EDIT250-ON12041

July 2020

8 Final Project: Editing EDIT410 EDIT410-ON12041

August 2020

5 Freelancing for Editors EDIT509 EDIT509-ON12042

Part-Time Certificate Program


12 courses

Finish in 2 years


Our hands-on Editing Certificate can prepare you for a successful editing career in as little as two years.

You'll learn to:

  • Identify and correct errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation and usage
  • Develop and follow editorial style guides
  • Improve a document through structural and stylistic editing
  • Work effectively with writers and designers

Through a choice of electives, you can also build specialized skills in indexing, plain language, technical writing and editing, and more.

Is this program for you?

We’ve designed our certificate for new or experienced editors. Our students include professionals who:

  • Plan to launch a career in editing or publishing

  • Wish to validate work experience with formal training

  • Need to prepare for professional certification

  • Require skills and credentials to work as a freelance editor

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