Part-time, online Non-Profit Management Certificate

Help your non-profit organization thrive

SFU's Non-Profit Management Certificate offers a fresh approach to management that will position you for success and help your organization realize its vision and mandate.

We've designed it for the following people:

  • Professionals already in management positions who would like to strengthen their organizations and their careers
  • Those in front-line or outreach positions
  • Professionals from a different sector who would like to move into a non-profit management role
  • Anyone with a passion project that they would like to get off the ground

Push the boundaries of non-profit management

Through two core courses and four electives, you'll learn to navigate a sector that is demanding more professionalism, strategic leadership and greater financial savvy. You will also have the opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of your management of critical resources, projects and people to propel your non-profit, measure results and tell your story. The flexibility of electives will allow you to focus on the specific skills you need for your unique interests and goals.

You’ll look at case studies throughout the program and bring projects that you’re working on into discussions and assignments. You might choose an initiative that you are currently working on, a proposal or initiative you wish to develop, or an example of work you’ve done in the past. If you don’t have a current or relevant work example, don’t worry—our instructors and mentors will help you to develop a project idea that will work for you.

Learn from experienced professionals

Our instructors are all industry professionals who work, consult and teach in their various fields of expertise. Their professional practices allow them to bring current, dynamic and highly relevant content into the learning environment. In other words, the program covers essential knowledge, but also integrates emergent issues and themes.

Learning outcomes

We’ve designed our certificate to provide learners with the skills and tools needed to succeed in the non-profit world. Our program will help you:

  • Navigate a sector with increased professionalization.
  • Apply strategic leadership skills to a non-profit context of your choice.
  • Apply greater financial accountability and control with basic accounting concepts and fundraising know-how within your unique context.
  • Apply the framework of human resource and project management to non-profit personnel including staff, volunteers and board members.
  • Measure the results of your non-profit.
  • Tell your impact story.
  • Foster and support a culture of fundraising in a non-profit organization. 
  • Design strategic approaches to recruiting volunteers and building boards.