New Students

Welcome to FAS Co-op! Check out your next steps for preparing for your first work term:

Requirements & Preparation for Co-op


Once you have been admitted to Co-op you will receive a welcome email within two weeks after you have submitted the online application with instructions to subscribe to in the Co-op mailing list and invited to join the FAS Co-op prep course.

If you have not completed the application process, you should do so now! To apply for the Co-operative Education Program at SFU, please complete the Co-op Application Form.

The FAS Co-op Prep course is intended to help you understand the Co-op process and provide resources. You must complete the prep requirements in order to start your Co-op job search. 

For further information about Co-op, take a look at the SFU Co-op Student Guide.


All students must ensure they have the necessary documents to be legally entitled to work a Co-op term:

  • Social Insurance Number: For information about how to obtain a SIN, review the Applying for a SIN handout by International Services for Students. 
  • MSP registration: For information about the medical insurance that students need, including while on a Co-op term, review the SFU Medical Insurance page.

International Students

International students are required to obtain a valid Co-op work permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) before applying to SFU Co-op jobs. This is different from your off-campus work permit. Once you are registered in the Co-op Prep Course, you will find instructions on how to be issued the Co-op letter to include in your work permit application. We recommend applying for the Co-op work permit as early as possible, as processing times can be lengthy.

The Co-op office must have a copy of your valid Co-op work permit prior to students being released to apply for Co-op positions.


The following workshops are offered each term on both the Burnaby and Surrey campus:

  • Resume & Cover Letter
  • Interview Skills

All students must attend each workshop as part of the approval process to seek their first Co-op job. Information about the date/location of these workshops is available in the FAS Prep course. The facilitator will offer industry trends and expectations, and support students to move their marketing materials and interview strategies to a more professional and technical level.

Register in the ‘Events Calendar’ on myExperience.

One-to-One Advising

Students will be given individual, one to one advising, feedback and mock interviews when needed or requested with the Co-op advisors and coordinators. Meet them here.