Fall 2012 Student Photo Contest Winner

February 04, 2013

Philippe Poirier, a student in the Department of History, meets with Dean John Craig to receive first prize for his photo from our Fall 2012 FASS Student Photo Contest.

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First Place

Philippe Poirier, History

Hostile Beauty

I took this photo in Morocco. It is in the Sahara desert at a location called Erg Chebbi and was taken in early June during sunset. The person in the photo is a Moroccan nomad who was walking away from me after I had a pleasant conversation with him.

Second Place

Conrad Malilay, School of Public Policy

Summer 2012 SFU Co-op Interns based in Ottawa on a field trip to Quebec City. We had just walked through the Old City, around Chateau Frontenac, and the Citadel. We were heading back to our weekend home and passing through the garden of Jeanne d'Arc. I took the shot while gasping for air as I tried to catch up with the rest of the group.

Third Place

Kelly Warkentin, International Studies

Alyssa Bigiolli, an International Studies student, puts the finishing touches on her final paper for The Making of South African Society at Harbour Centre on a rainy Wednesday November 28, 2012.

Honourable Mention

Yannick Cudennec, French Cohort/Political Science

Students studying on a sunny day in the Sciences Po Paris central square at 27 rue Saint-Guillaume, Paris. This was taken during my academic exchange in France. This small green space is a favorite (and the only one belonging to the university) of ScPo students to go to eat, to read, to talk or, as is common place for the stereotypical French student, to smoke.

Honourable Mention

Sergio Prin, Linguistics

A student followed by a trail of books: the quest for knowledge. Taken at Burnaby Mountain Park.

Honourable Mention

Sean Sager, International Studies

During an International Co-op in La Paz, Bolivia, on a weekend trip to the Salar de Uyuni. An important part of an International Co-op is not only the things you learn in the workplace, but the experiences you are able to take away with the places you have seen and the people you have met.

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