Are you interested in how people organize and move within social life? Would you like to learn more about social justice and policy, cultures and subcultures, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, work and leisure? Anthropology offers perspectives on social life in all its complexity. 

Learn to communicate across boundaries—boundaries of countries, histories, languages, cultures, social inequalities, and power differences. Anthropology provides you with tools to think critically and creatively about how history and individual lives interact with the world.

Sociology and anthropology are combined into a single department at Simon Fraser University. That means you can shape your studies by pursuing a broad range of interests and issues. The Department of Sociology and Anthropology excels at interdisciplinary research methods training, a skill set valuable in many professions.

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Last updated August 4, 2022


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Anthropology combines well with many other interests. It can be a foundation for post-graduate work in medical professions, social work, law school, the arts, or business. Anthropology majors and minors excel when they combine their broad-thinking training with other interests, such as policy analysis, communications, social activism, organizational management, research design, communications, or media and arts.

"As students in the field, we are encouraged to reject tidy explanations for social phenomena and to embrace the endless variability of human experience–to look for new questions rather than answers. Learning in this vein has changed the way that I understand vital issues of social justice and define concepts like advocacy, freedom, and fairness. Through my undergraduate studies in anthropology, I feel better prepared to explore these questions and to act with purpose in all areas of my life."

Sally Aagaard

2022 graduating class | Anthropology honours 

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