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Not only is the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) the largest and most diverse faculty at Simon Fraser University (SFU), it is also one of SFU's Founding Faculties. The faculty’s influential and dynamic contributions to research, teaching and learning draw strength from diverse program designs, faculty, staff and students.

FASS has allies among business leaders, software developers, community non-profit agencies, and policy analysts in mounting a strong narrative that attests to the value and application of the humanities, arts and social sciences degrees. Your support will help FASS protect, build upon and further develop our existing research and teaching excellence.

Our top fundraising priorities

Indigenous achievements

FASS is home to a wide range of Indigenous research and work towards reconciliation in Canada. Learn more about the work from some of FASS's Indigenous students and scholars.

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Equity, diversity and inclusion

FASS has strong representation of equity-protected groups among faculty, staff and students, and within all academic administrative levels. Learn more about how our programs promote the values of equity, diversity and inclusion.

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Student experience

FASS strives for our student experience to be community-informed, academically rigorous, and grounded in the actual intellectual journey to life after university. Find out what our students are up to.

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