Indigenous Languages

The Indigenous Languages Program (INLP) works with Indigenous speech communities and organizations to enable Indigenous language learning off-campus in Indigenous communities. 

Since 1993 and in partnership with Indigenous organizations, INLP has offered courses in some 18 Indigenous languages in British Columbia and Yukon. At the undergraduate level, INLP offers a certificate program and a diploma program in Indigenous Language Proficiency. In collaboration with the Department of Linguistics, the program also offers graduate level degree options.  

Admission to INLP

Students from an Indigenous partner community interested in joining the Indigenous Languages Program (INLP) must first apply for admission to SFU through our Admission process.

Readmission criteria

If you meet any one of the following criteria, you must apply for readmission to SFU: 

  • Completed a SFU Program 
  • Have a SFU credential 
  • Have been away from SFU from more than three consecutive academic terms and attended post-secondary institutions for academic study

See also FNEP Student Reactivation Application.


The Indigenous Language Program has a specific application process. Learn more on the program website.

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