Public policy

In this two-year innovative master's program, develop techniques to undertake and manage public policy analysis and planning for public, private, and non-governmental organizations. Master a core set of skills in policy analysis, politics, economics, research and quantitative methods.

About public policy

The master in public policy (MPP) is for graduate students who have an active interest in public affairs, a willingness to critically engage a wide range of perspectives on politics and public life, and a creative, imaginative approach to their studies. The program is geared towards students who are interested in policy analyst work in the public and private sector, who are passionate about public policy issues and problem-solving, and who want co-op experience in government, NGOs, and business organizations.

The MPP program is based in Simon Fraser University’s Harbour Centre Campus in downtown Vancouver, and offers courses covering a range of complex issues including economics, health policy, social and economic sustainability, democratic institutions and political foundations. MPP students may also participate in colloquia and conferences offered by the Centre for Public Policy Research, the research arm of the Public Policy program, as well as benefit from gaining job experience in co-op program placements.

Career pathways

MPP graduates enjoy a wide variety of career options, including:

  • International trade specialist or diplomat
  • Government policy analyst or researcher
  • Foreign service worker,
  • Immigration officer
  • Law and justice
  • Consulting firms
  • Small business
  • Public administration
  • International development agencies and organizations
  • Education and academia

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