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SFU's largest & most diverse faculty

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) offers a variety of interdisciplinary programs, allowing you the flexibility to pursue an education that aligns to your goals and interests. Arts programs enrich your learning experience and prepare you for a successful career.

As the largest faculty at Simon Fraser University, FASS comprises some 30 per cent of the student body. Learn more about what makes FASS so vibrant, diverse and engaging, and find out how FASS equips students with the knowledge and opportunities they need to develop a robust career.

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The interdisciplinary nature of a FASS degree allows students to explore topics based on their interests and strengths as they progress through their degrees. Learn more about the programs available in FASS.

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With more than 12,000 undergraduate students and 750 graduate students annually, FASS is the most diverse faculty at Simon Fraser University. Learn more about what FASS departments and programs can offer you.

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As part of Canada's engaged university, FASS engages with the community in a multitude of ways. From community-based research to public lectures, FASS thrives amidst community.

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FASS boasts over 300 world-class research faculty. From award-winning writers to leading-edge researchers, teaching is one of the pillars upon which FASS prides itself. 

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