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The Dean and Associate Deans value the opportunity to attend both internal and external events. If you would like to request the Dean or an Associate Dean's presence at an event, please submit a request.

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Administrative support

Administrative support staff for the Dean and Associate Deans.


Arts Central

Arts Central (AQ 3020) is a hub for FASS students to easily connect with staff to discuss academic or engagement matters, to work, or to simply connect with fellow students. Arts Central has academic advisors, a student engagement coordinator and staff working for co-operative education programs to support students with their undergraduate experience.

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Faculty affairs

For questions related to academic faculty positions. 

Primary contact:


Indigenous Relations

Information Systems

Primary contact point:
Phone number for urgent issues/requests: (778) 782-6685

Marketing & communications

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Phone number: (778) 782-9415

Research support

TRACS project team

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