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Your next steps with FASS

Congratulations on your offer to study at SFU's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS)!

Welcome to FASS!

Your advisors: Ask us anything!

Academic advisors are here to help you with any questions you have about course planning, your program options, and much more!

Meet your advisors
Who are academic advisors? They're your greatest and most direct resource for all your questions when you start your studies at FASS.

Rosealine Baik
Coordinator, Student Recruitment and Advising
FASS One, Surrey

Wendy Szeto
Undergraduate Advisor and Recruiter, Burnaby

Meghan Grant
Undergraduate Advisor and Recruiter (on leave)

Academic advising is available to provide you with guidance throughout your educational experience. Advisors provide you with the tools you need to navigate the university, departments, and programs, as well as plan for your future.

FASS advising

Student staff: they've been where you're at now!

Have any questions or concerns about getting involved in FASS? Want to chat with a current FASS student? Reach out to Mackenzie, our student staff working in Arts Central!

Mackenzie Morrow
Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies and Psychology major, English minor
FASS Student Engagement Staff

You can also connect with us @FASS.Engage on Instagram and Facebook.

Watch the FASS student panel and Q&A
Current FASS students share tips and tricks to help make you successful during your first year.

Explore FASS programs

You can approach your studies by tackling the big questions you have or you may have particular subjects in mind.

FASS is: History. Political Science. Psychology. Indigenous Studies and Indigenous Languages. World Languages and Literatures. International Studies. French. English. Criminology. Sociology and Anthropology. Economics. Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. And, believe or not, even more! With 28 departments and programs, FASS is the largest faculty at Simon Fraser University. 

Explore FASS programs

Make your studies meaningful

Now that you're settled in, it's time to plan your studies. You came to FASS at SFU because we have the largest number of departments and you have a lot of questions! Here are some areas of inquiry to get you started. -->

Courses include: Intro to Indigenous Studies; Intro to Labour Studies; Gender Talk; and more.

Courses include: Global History from the Revolutionary Age to Present; Politics of Prosperity and Inequality; and more. 

Courses include: Intro to Politics and Government; Economics and Government; Moral Problems; Feminist Action; and more.

Courses include: Exploring the Mind; Knowledge and Reality; Critical Thinking; and more.

Courses include: Intro to Logic and Reasoning; Science, Policy and Innovation; Many Europes: Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern; and more.

Choose your courses

At FASS, there are so many courses to choose from! We help you out with sneak peek videos - like "Why the humanities matter" - and so much more.

Watch them:

Course previews 


FASS instructors are award-winning academics who care about their students - that's you!

Watch the FASS Great Debate: It's a fun way to get to know some FASS instructors and staff!

Student Life

Get ready for your life as a FASS student

You’re at university — congratulations! Now’s your opportunity to do so much more than succeed at your studies: get involved socially, learn leadership skills, make the moves towards a promising career, and more. Check out all the ways FASS makes student life exciting, informative, and fun! 

Visit FASS student life

FASS Connections mentorship program

The FASS Connections mentorship program connects newer students with senior FASS undergraduate students through social and academic activities. Your peer mentor will be with you to guide you through your first few months at university and answer your questions about classes, campus, social opportunities, and more!

Learn more

Join departmental student unions (DSUs)

Departmental student unions are student-run groups that organize social, academic and career-related events. You automatically belong to the FASS Student Union (Society for Arts and Social Sciences) and the Departmental Student Union for your intended major and/or minor department.

Go to the bottom of the page at to sign up to join the SASS Discord! Then stay on that page to find your DSU, follow them on social media, and learn how to get involved in upcoming, virtual social events.

Co-op and careers: we help you toward your working future

Find out how to add employment experience to your resume while at university. It's something to think about! Looks great on your resume and is needed if you plan to go to grad school!

What our grads do

In only a few years, you'll be a FASS graduate! Watch what FASS graduates are doing now and their advice to you.

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