French Cohort

Study in B.C. and abroad: the French Cohort Program (FCP) offers you the opportunity to study in Canada’s two official languages. This multidisciplinary program, taught primarily in French, includes an exchange program to Quebec or Europe and leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, French and History.

About the French Cohort Program

The FCP offers you a personal learning experience and so much more, including:

  • Courses unique to the FCP
  • Small class sizes
  • Great support network
  • Committed Francophone professors
  • FCP language tutor
  • FCP Student Advisor
  • Student lounge and dedicated work space
  • Various scholarships and awards
  • Bilingual employment opportunities

The FCP courses offered by the Department of Political Science and the Department of History are taught primarily in French and include such topics as diplomacy, language and politics, global governance, public policy, political philosophy, and Canadian History. French courses, offered by the Department of French, consist of studies in French language, linguistics, francophone literatures, and cultures.

The FCP allows students to:

  • Focus on three areas of study: political science, French and history
  • Participate in a student exchange program: one year or one semester in Quebec or Europe
  • Get involved in unique community projects and field studies
  • Choose electives in both French and English
  • Be part of a cohort of students with whom you will study during your four years in university
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Last updated August 4, 2022


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News Highlights

"I chose to enroll in the French Cohort Program because the program not only allowed me to study Political Science (which I love), but also because it encouraged me to better manifest my Francophonie. I really liked how much the department cared for me. I was one of the first to transfer into the program after completing studies elsewhere. Throughout my time at SFU, the Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs was very proactive in advising me. Since graduating, I have often stood out from other candidates due to the fact that my degree is bilingual."

Benjamin Étienne

Graduate | French Cohort Program