Teaching fellows

FASS teaching fellows

The primary role of the teaching fellows is to support the continued improvement of undergraduate teaching and graduate training in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS). They will work to help address the challenges that instructors face and to communicate solutions across the Faculty, as well as to provide a channel of communication between FASS and higher administrative units that focus on teaching.

The teaching fellows' immediate priorities include leading the effort to create FASS questions for the Student Evaluations of Teaching and Courses and organizing the Cormack awards and symposium. They will also inititate a conversation about the issues most important to instructors in the faculty, with the input of FASS faculty.

They will be seeking advice and feedback on a range of issues, especially including the ways in which FASS can continue to promote the value of its degrees, the means by which the first-year experience of FASS students may be improved, potential ways to support teaching through peer mentoring, and the role of research and pedagogical experimentation in the classroom.

Teaching fellows are selected on a rolling basis by the Dean’s Executive Committee in light of the Dean’s priorities concerning teaching and student engagement. When a vacancy occurs, the Dean will invite (self-) nominations from FASS faculty members.

Current teaching fellows

Carman Fung

Lecturer, Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Appointed effective September 1, 2023–August 31, 2026

With responsibilities to lead three projects: 

  • Chat GPT-assisted Writing Lab
    • Develop a sharable course shell and Canvas module that takes advantage of ChatGPT-generated essays to teach students essay writing.
  • Online and Blended Workshops
    • Present and lead discussions on practical approaches to online and blended course developments.
  • Piloting of Canvas Cloud
    • Work with CEE and IT Services to contribute to the SFU pilot program and business case for full migration to Canvas Cloud, highlighting the pedagogical benefits Canvas Cloud for FASS faculty members.


Tiffany Muller Myrdahl

Senior Lecturer, Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Appointed effective January 1, 2020–August 31, 2025

With responsibilities for academically-based community engaged courses, including research on wellness and empowerment strategies for students to enhance student experience.

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Martin Santamaria

Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics

Appointed effective September 1, 2022–August 31, 2025
Currently on leave

With responsibilities for:

  • Developing best practices and guidelines for increasing student engagement in the classroom, particularly large lecture courses, service courses, and W courses;
  • Developing upcoming processes of oversight and certification related to General Education (WQB) requirements;
  • Representing FASS on the Senate Committee on University Teaching and Learning (SCUTL);
  • Participating in the FASS Reconciliation Working Group.