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2015 Cormack Teaching Award Winners

July 17, 2015

The Cormack Awards were created in 2010 to recognize excellent and innovative teaching within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; nominations may come from students, colleagues, Chairs or Directors. The four winners will receive their awards at the Faculty's autumn reception on September 23, 2015 in the Diamond Alumni Club.

Congratulations to the winners and to all of the nominees for 2015!

Dr. Elise Chenier, Associate Professor, Department of History, developed a digital teaching tool to facilitate learning in historical reasoning, methodologies and primary source analysis. With this tool, she brings her own research into the classroom, enabling students to explore archival and oral history materials, giving them an opportunity to think like historians. 

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Dr. Alexander Moens, Professor, Department of Political Science, specializes in international politics and U.S. foreign policy, and seeks to provide experiential learning opportunities for students; in addition to classroom excellence, Dr. Moens also advises student delegations to model NATO conferences and SFU student speaker series.

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Dr. Bidisha Ray, Senior Lecturer, Department of History, describes teaching as her calling, with students calling her courses "awesome" and "fantastic". Dr. Ray's philosophy is that education is an invitation to relationships: of students with course materials; of students with their teachers and each other; and of students with the world around them.

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Dr. Aaron Windel, Assistant Professor, Department of History, works on the history of the British Empire, and is known as a teacher who excels in the art of scholarly storytelling. His students call his courses "amazing" and "enriching", and particularly appreciate Dr. Windel's focus on group projects and individual presentations in class.

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