Cormack Teaching Award recipients pictured with Dean Jane Pulkingham at the FASS Autumn Reception: Tina Adcock, Steve Weldon, Leith Davis, Dean Pulkingham, Dai Heide. Unfortunately, Douglas Allen could not attend the reception.

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2018 Cormack Teaching Award Winners

June 27, 2018

FASS is justifiably proud of the quality of its teaching and it is again that time of year to recognize our best instructors. Each year, the FASS Dean presents up to four Cormack Teaching awards.  The award is in recognition of the passion faculty bring to the classroom, innovative teaching techniques, and the difference faculty make to their student's education.  This year’s winners are:

  • Tina Adcock, Assistant Professor (History)
  • Douglas Allen, Professor (Economics)
  • Leith Davis, Professor (English)
  • Dai Heide, Senior Lecturer (Philosophy)
  • Steve Weldon, Associate Professor (Political Science)

The Cormack Awards were created in 2010 to recognize excellent and innovative teaching within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; nominations may come from students, colleagues, Chairs or Directors. The winners will receive their awards at the Faculty's autumn reception in October 2018. 

Congratulations to the winners and to all of the nominees for 2018!

Dr. Tina Adcock, Assistant Professor, History

Tina Adcock joined the Department of History at SFU in 2014 teaching a wide range of courses in Canadian and Environmental history. Her research concerns the cultural and environmental history of the modern Canadian North, especially travel and sojourning in the region. Her current book manuscript examines the culture of northern Canadian exploration in roughly the first half of the twentieth century and her new project examines fur trapping by sojourners in the western Canadian Arctic and Subarctic during the twentieth century.

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Dr. Douglas Allen, Professor, Economics

Douglas Allen joined SFU in 1990 and was recognized in 2009 with the SFU Excellence in Teaching Award.  In his long-time role as lead instructor in Econ 103 (Principles of Microeconomics) he is the face of the department to many students. Allen’s distinctive approach emphasizes “the economic way of thinking” applied to puzzling phenomena, drawing examples from history, literature and contemporary social debates that surround the more standard “economic” issues. His field of study is the economics of transaction costs and property rights, and he has applied this methodology to understanding institutions like marriage and divorce, welfare, the church, farm organization, homesteading, and the military.

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Dr. Leith Davis, Professor, English

Leith Davis joined SFU in 1990, teaching and researching the “long wave” of 18th and early 19th century literature which is required for majors in English. She is a co-founder of the Department of English's MA with Specialization in Print Culture and served as Director of Simon Fraser University's Scottish Studies Centre from 2008-2015. Leith is the author of  several acclaimed books on Scottish and Irish nationhood and national identity and co-editor of books on Scottish Romanticism and on Robert Burns and Transatlantic culture.  Currently, Davis is co-editing (with Janet Sorenson, UC Berkeley) the International Companion to Scottish Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century and working on a monograph, Media and Cultural Memory in Britain and Ireland, 1688-1745, which explores the articulation of what Pierre Nora calls "spectacular" sites of cultural memory within the context of a shifting media ecology of the eighteenth century. 

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Dr. Dai Heide, Senior Lecturer, Philosophy

Dai Heide is an Undergraduate Chair in the Philosophy Department and a FASS Teaching Fellow. Since arriving in 2012, his teaching evaluations have been reported as “exceeding departmental standards.” His research interests include Kant, Early Modern Philosophy, Normative Ethics, Applied Ethics, Symbolic Logic. Heide teaches courses at all levels at SFU, and regularly teaches undergraduate courses on 17th- and 18th-century philosophy. He has taught graduate courses on Kant, Leibniz and Berkeley, divine causality in early modern philosophy, and on the principle of sufficient reason.

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Dr. Steve Weldon, Associate Professor, Political Science

Since coming to SFU in 2007, Steve Weldon has consistently received among the highest teaching evaluations in his department, embodying SFU’s highest standards of engaging, intellectually stimulating and innovative teaching in both large and small settings. Steve specializes in comparative politics and was the founding director of Simon Fraser’s Centre for Public Opinion and Political Representation. His research focuses on political representation, European integration, public opinion, political behaviour, and diversity and multiculturalism. Currently he is engaged in two main research projects.

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