Christine Leclerc


Program: MSc

Supervisor: Dr. Kirsten Zickfeld


·         B.Sc., Physical Geography, Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada (2021)

·         MFA, Creative Writing, University of British Columbia, BC, Canada (2010)

·         BFA, Creative Writing, University of British Columbia, BC, Canada (2008)

Personal website:

Research description/interests:

Afforestation/reforestation carried out on a globally significant scale can increase or decrease precipitation, evapotranspiration, cloud cover, surface runoff, soil moisture, and groundwater flow. This carbon dioxide removal method also has the potential to influence drought and flooding. My research aims to quantify the impact of afforestation/reforestation on the water cycle to the end of the 21st century.


Christine Leclerc lives in Coast Salish Homelands / Burnaby, B.C. She is an award-winning author and science communicator who studies the water cycle impacts of nature-based climate solutions at Simon Fraser University‘s Climate Research Lab. In addition, Leclerc Chairs the BC NDP‘s Standing Committee on Agriculture. She is a past member of SFU’s Hydrology Research Group and has served as an Expert Reviewer with the IPCC, an inaugural cohort member of Evidence for Democracy‘s Science to Policy Accelerator, and on the non-profit boards of Embark Sustainability and Sierra Club BC.


·         Graduate Fellowship, Simon Fraser University, Sept 2022

·         Special Graduate Entrance Scholarship, Simon Fraser University, Sept 2021

·         Best Undergrad Presentation, Canadian YHS, Feb 2021

·         NSERC USRA, Simon Fraser University and NSERC, Jan 2020

Teaching Assistantships: Fall 2021 (GEOG 111), Spring 2022 (GEOG 214, GEOG 418)

Research Assistantships: Summer 2022


Lapides, D., Leclerc, C.D., Moidu, H., Dralle, D., and Hahm, W.J. 2021. Variability of headwater stream network extents controlled by flow regime and network hydraulic scaling. Hydrological Processes. Available from

Leclerc, C.D. 2020a. Comprehensive network hydraulic scaling datasets and associated resources (discharge, channel length surveys, watershed metadata, blueline network shapefiles and reference images). HydroShare. doi:10.4211/hs.e1d5bff5f7b44e29bcf9d91757360f18.