Undergraduate Research

Completing research or project work with an instructor is a great way to gain relevant skills, learn more about your field and make new connections. Find out more about the research opportunities available to undergraduate students below.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities:

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA)

Interested in getting a taste for what grad school is like?  So was Aaron Leung, a Global Environmental Systems Major who is completing certificates in both Spatial Information Systems and Urban Studies as part of his degree. 

During the Summer 2019 term, Aaron had the opportunity to explore his interest in GIS, public policy and urban issues through a funded NSERC USRA placement with Geography Professor, Suzana Dragicevic.  The project, which brought together Aaron's skills in GIS and Agent-Based Modelling (picked up in GEOG 451), used census data and quantitative analysis to examine how immigrant settlement patterns are affected by choice of neighbour.

Learn more about Aaron's USRA placement in this Q & A.  For details about the NSERC USRA program, please visit SFU's NSERC USRA page.

In addition to formal NSERC USRA opportunities, faculty often require assistance with ongoing research projects.  Please check the opportunities listed on our 'Work With Us' page, for temporary Research Assistant positions and volunteer opportunities.