Prospective Transfer Students

Post-secondary study isn't always a straight path

Geography Major, Jonathan Ling, started his educational journey at Langara college before transferring to SFU to complete his degree.  Now in the final year of his degree, Jonathan, who is also the Co-Chair of the Geography Student Union, is completing a co-op placement as a Data Analyst with Pivot 2020.  You can read more about Jonathan's experience here.

If you're also thinking about transferring to SFU, please check out the transfer-specific information below, then visit our Prospective Students page for additional information on the programs and opportunities available within the Geography department.

Transfer Credit

Transferable courses completed at a recognized college or transfer institution can be used towards your degree at SFU.  To ensure your courses are transferable and to streamline your transition to SFU, be sure to:

Transferring from Langara College?

If you are transferring from Langara College, you can click below on the major you are interested in to see what courses transfer to SFU courses:

Physical Geography Major

Human Geography Major

Global Enviornmental Systems Major

Co-operative Education

Participating in SFU's co-operative education program is a fantastic way to gain work-ready skills, build contacts in your field and discover your career path.  As a transfer student, you are encouraged to contact FENV co-op during your first term at SFU to determine your eligibility and ensure that you will have time to participate in the program.  Students must have less than 80 units, including the current semester's enrollment, in order to be eligible. 

Visit our Co-op page for additional details.

Become a P.Ag or P.Geo

Did you know that students in SFU's Physical Geography program can complete the course work required for certification as a Professional Geoscientist or Professional Agrologist as part of their degree? You can learn more about this process on our Professional Accreditation page

Don't forget to check out these handy 'how-to-guides' for detailed information on the courses you will need to complete.

Curious About Your Career Options?

As an interdisciplinary science, Geography equips you with the ability to approach problems from a variety of angles, something that is key to addressing 'wicked' problems like climate change.  It also provides practical skills in areas such as:

  • Critical Thinking, Research & Analysis
  • Project Design and Planning
  • Spatial and Environmental Literacy
  • Communications and Teamwork
  • Data Acquisition and Modeling

Check out our Careers and Alumni pages for information on the many different career paths available to Geography grads.   

Have Questions?

Contact an Advisor for program details or visit our Admissions page for information on applying to SFU.