Facilities & Equipment

SIS Labs

  • SIS Lab 1 (AQ 2111) - 24 seat computer lab with LCD projector
  • SIS Lab 2 (AQ 2113) -14 seat computer lab with LCD projector and digitizer
  • SIS Lab 3 (AQ 2109) - 27 seat computer lab with two monitors and two LCD projectors

The SIS labs are also available for rentals (contact Justin Song, SIS Lab Administrator at For more info, please visit the SIS Labs web site.

Flume Lab

Fitted with a robotic Swath Mapping System (SMS), the 15m long x 1m wide x 50cm deep flume lab is designed to study sediment dynamics. 

  • a 32 transducer Seatek echo-sounding system wand is used to measure 3D bed topography
  • water surface topography is measured using 5 MassaSonic ultrasonic sensors

Geophysical Equipment

The following geophysical equipment is available:

  • Multichannel electrical resistivity Earth imaging system -- AGI SuperString R8/IP system with 112 electrodes (take-outs at 12.25 m spacing) powered by deep cycle batteries
  •  a 400 V PulseEkko pE PRO with 50, 100 and 200 MHz antennas is shared with the Department of Earth Sciences

This equipment is also available for research rentals (contact to inquire).