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With our wide range of degrees, you can tailor your program to your specific interests.  Choose from a Bachelor of Arts in Human Geography, a Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography and a Bachelor of Environment in Global Environmental Systems.  Additional degrees in Geographic Information Science and Business & Geography are offered in collaboration with other program areas.  All of our programs include experiential learning opportunities - allowing you to participate in a variety of hands-on laboratories, field trips, collaborative projects and professional interactions while developing your writing, technical and critical thinking skills.

Geography Degree Programs

Human Geography Major

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Human Geography explores the relationship between human societies and the environments in which they live. Learn how concepts of place and space (location, place, landscape, territory, region, mobility, diffusion, and globalization) shape our understanding of human-nature interactions, resource use and sustainability, local and regional development, urbanization, social inequities, power and justice, and more.

Physical Geography Major

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Physical Geography is an Earth Systems Science that examines how air, water, land and the biosphere interact. Explore the powerful natural forces and events that influence our lives and learn how we are altering Earth’s systems.  Choose one of three streams: Biogeophysical Science, Geoscience, and Geosystems & GIScience

Global Environmental Systems Major

Bachelor of Environment (BEnv)

The Global Environmental Systems (GES) major is designed for students with interests in science, social science, environment, justice and equity, who want to understand how environmental issues play out at a global scale. Learn the science behind climate change, biodiversity loss and other ecological issues, and find out how social, economic and political forces influence decision-making on these issues. Take courses in environment and sustainability from a wide range of disciplines, and gain skills in scientific and spatial techniques, critical analysis, and multi-platform communication. 

Double Minor Program

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Not sure which major to choose?  Combine two minors or extended minors together to create a custom degree program as part of the BA Double Minor program.  As part of this degree, you will choose at least one minor from within the Faculty of Environment. Visit our Minors page for information on the minor programs available within Geography.

Students interested in this program should see an Advisor for more information. 

Collaborative/Joint Degree Programs

Geographic Information Science Major

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Combining course work in geography and computing science, the Geographic Information Science (GIS) program will teach you to interpret and communicate spatial data and to build tools that can be used to help solve spatial problems (like improving access to health care, transportation services or schools, etc.).   Learn to visualize data effectively, while building your technical and critical thinking skills.   

The GIS program is jointly administered by the Department of Geography and the School of Computing Science. 

Business & Geography Joint Major

Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Prepare for a career in the field of green or sustainable business with a Joint Major in Geography and Business.  Combine courses in economic theory, business management and accounting with a solid foundation in urban and environmental systems.