Geography Student Union

The Geography Student Union is a welcoming group of students who are enthusiastic about engaging with the community and learning about the world around us. And good news, whether you are completing a major in Geography or just taking a GEOG course, all Geography students are members of the GSU. We regularly host social and academic events, including Experiential Learning Trips to places like Portland, Victoria, and Seattle! We also tend to our lovely common room (RCB 6102), which is free for all members to use. Please visit for the room code.

We hope to see you in meetings (on Zoom or in-person), at our events, and in classes. You can follow us on social media using the links below or drop us an email at to learn more and get involved.

Thank you for being part of the SFU Geography community! We look forward to connecting with you soon.

Mac MacInnes-Cann & Gabrielle Wong

Co-Chairs, SFU GSU

Summer 2024 - Events/Activities

Stay connected! Drop by and say hello at our meetings. All GSU members are welcome.

  • GSU Spring Term Meetings - every Thursday at 7:00pm over Zoom, beginning May 16th. 

*For the Zoom link, please join the GSU Discord server or email

Executive Members

  • Co-Chairs: Max MacInnes-Cann & Gabrielle Wong
  • Events Coordinator: Allie Bui
  • Academic Events Assistant: Jeffrey Collinson
  • Recreational Events Assistant: Amélia Lachapelle
  • Social Events Assistant: Mussaab Manzer
  • Marketing and Communications Coordinator: Issra Syed
  • Marketing and Communications Assistant: Lucy Ford
  • Secretary: Ajay Minhas
  • Treasurer: Nathan Komukai
  • Department Committee Representative: Jeffrey Collinson & Gabrielle Wong 
  • UGSC Committee Representatives: Nathan Komukai & Gabrielle Wong 
  • SFSS Council Representative: Jeffrey Collinson
  • First Year Representative: Vacant (elected in the Fall term)
  • EDI Representative: Irina Lipnitskaya
  • Events Committee Representative: Vacant 
  • Interdepartmental Representative: Erik Makinen
  • Community Liaison: Ajay Minhas
  • Post-Secondary Community Liaison: Kyla Mui